Lovina, Bali - 10/11/11

November 10, 2011 - Lovina, Indonesia

Well we are actually back in Kuta, Bali where we catch an early morning plane to Singapore tomorrow. Today has been blisteringly hot and we spent a good few hours on the beach. The waves were pretty powerful too. The previous two days there was torrential rain though of course it was still warm. Plenty of fat rats came up on the streets as everywhere was flooded. We also treated ourselves to a hotel with a pool for a treat as it's our last days in Bali.

Previous to this we spent 5 days in Lovina which is up on the northern coast of Bali. The journey on the minibus from Ubud was pretty spectacular - up through the centre of Bali into the hills and passing two lakes. Bali is one of the mosat fertileregions on earth and it sems that absolutely anything grows here. We changed rooms after a couple of days to somewhere really cheap (5 pounds) but didn't stay long as there were two absolutely massive lizards on the wall. Sarah was too scared to even go into the room to rescue our bags!

We also visited Banjar hot springs which were about 10 miles away. 3 pools of natural spring water and only 35 pence to visit. It felt reallly good on the skin but stained clothes with its sulphurous content.

Central BaliOuch!It's a changing room!


Central Bali
It's a changing room!

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Dave Key:
November 11, 2011
Oh ... and did I mention the snakes, and the multiplicity of creepy-crawly life forms in the tropics? So was this "massive lizard" on your wall a Komodo Dragon, Sarah? Or more of a friendly, cute (and harmless) gecko then? They help keep the room insect-free
--better than using ozone-unfriendly sprays. Komodos can bring down a buffalo (and run as fast), but I don't think they can climb walls, can they? (albeit they have been known to attack humans on occasion) Graham thinks it might have been a Monitor Lizard. But never fear--iguanas (unlike Komodos) are vegetarians.
Have a safe flight back--and if you spot any lizards on the aircraft cabin ceilings, your imagination is probably working overtime! All the best, Dave
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