Half A Bog Roll

February 28, 2012 - Kâmpôt, Cambodia

We have been too hot and lazy to blog, so here's what's been happening...

Sihanoukville - Arrived here after a 12 hour bus journey from Siem Reap in the north looking for a bit of lazing on the beach.  Sihanoukville is the premier beach resort in Cambodia - the beach is a lovely arc of white sand with numerous bars selling cheap beer (35p for a glass) and, fresh barbecued seafood as the sun sets (less than 2 pounds for barracuda, tuna or other unknown fish such as sweet lips). Unfortunately our first two days were a wash-out as the rains poured down. This is supposed to be the dry season and it was apparently rather unusual (global warming!).  After this, it was scorchingly hot for the next five days. In between sunning ourselves and drinking cheap booze and consuming cheap seafood we hired a bike for the day. It was hard work as Sihanoukville  is quite hilly and it was 100 degrees, so cycling about 8 miles felt like a 100 in England. Also we were the victims of a motorbike ride-by mugging. Three lovely local lads on one motorbike cut in front of me and lifted the bag from the front of my bike (Vince's). They got away with a bag that was over 20 years old, a threadbare towel from the hotel which was also over 20 years old, a glasses case, and half a bog roll. Well done lads - good haul!

Sihanoukville BeachSihanoukville Beach

Kampot - A short 2 hour journey from Sihanoukville, Kampot is a laidback, quiet place on the river. Very cheap room (10 dollars for a plush new room with hot water). Some old French architecture, the place is currently being renovated. We went on a 2.5 hour slow sunset boat journey for only 3 pounds each (including a beer). Just me and Sarah and the boatman. We stayed for 2 days.

Kampot RiverKampot

Kep - Less than 1 hour from Kampot, on the coast. Kep has a small but perfectly formed beach of golden sand. Like Kampot, it is undergoing some serious renovation, but aesthetically pleasing. It has a crab market where you can eat freshly caught saefood (including crab!) in restaurants overlooking the sea. The sunsets are pretty spectacular.  We hired bikes to tour around as the place is spread out. We didn't take any bog roll with us this time.  Again it was scorchingly hot and we stayed two days.

Kep Bike RideKep SunsetKep SunsetRabbit Island (Kep)KepKep Beach

Ha Tien - We then travelled by bus to Ha Tien which is just over the border in Vietnam. It took about 3 hours including a one hour border stop. We had to fill in an epidemic form at the border and then the border guard asked for one dollar from everyone handing the form in. A French woman informed us not to pay it as the money goes stright into the guard's pocket. Most people payed; we gave him half a bog roll instead. Ha Tien is not on the travellers itinerary; we stayed the night and enjoyed it. No one hassling us as they're not really used to Westerners stopping there.

Ferry In Vietnam (somewhere!)Saigon Park Rules

And from here, an 8.5 hour bus journey back to Saigon. More to follow....


Sihanoukville Beach
Sihanoukville Beach
Kampot River


sally whitehead:
February 29, 2012
Well now I know that 1/2 bog rolls are accepted currency the world is apparently my oyster.
I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to every new episode, perhaps I should start one about the life of a smallholder, though feel it might get boring after the 60th consecutive day of Got up, fed animals, milked cow, made cheese, went to bed early knackered.
Much Love
Dave Key:
March 2, 2012
Sounds like it's "too hot to bark!" to me! (to coin a phrase) As they used to say on "The Fast Show", "Scorchio!" The only thing that surprised me about that corrupt border guard was that he only wanted ONE dollar: the going rate is usually $5 or $10.
He must be out of touch in that out-of-the-way border town!
Have a jolly weekend--and keep those bog rolls handy!
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