Sun And More Sun

April 2, 2012 - Vigan, Philippines

After spending a cool weeks or so up in the mountains, we took a 10 hour overnight bus journey to Baguio where we arrived at 4am. We then stayed on the bus and slept until we got another bus at 6am to the surf resort of San Fernando, 2 hours away. We spent 5 days sunning on the beach and enjoying some serious waves in lovely warm water.  Cheap digs right on the beach, cheap booze, cheap food - it was a wrench to leave. Even though it was cloudy some of the time it was bloody hot and we have topped up our tans nicely. We are now up the coast in a place called Vigan for a couple of days. The skies are clear and it is boiling hot; even at 8 in the morning. The historical old town is very picturesque and full of Filipino tourists; but not many cheap drinking places. Today we paid over 50p for a beer!

On Tuesday we fly to Manila and then on Wednesday we fly back to England via Saudi Arabia, arriving at Heathrow on Thursday. No booze on that journey! We will then be in England for 2 weeks before we're off to France for 5 weeks for a house-sitting job in Normandy.

Hope it's hot in England....


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Tony Whittle:
April 4, 2012
Just make sure you have more than a fiver in your pocket when we go on the p**s in England!
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