From Pesos to Quetzals

January 18, 2013 - Panajachel, Guatemala

We are now in Guatemala in a place called Panajachel which is on Lake Atitlan. The scenery is spectacular, the lake being surrounded by three volcanoes. It is hot and sunny by day but a lot cooler at night as the lake is about 1500 metres above sea level. It took about 10 hours to reach here via bus from San Cristobel De La Casas in Mexico, a slow and winding ride through mountainous terrain.

We are already missing chilli and lime which you get with everything in Mexico, except tea and coffee. Even the prepared fruit on the street stalls (mango and watermelon) comes with chilli. Sounds weird but it is rather good. The bottle of Mescal we bought came with a bag of chilli, and resident worm. Sarah would not drink from the bottle in case she swallowed the worm! Though neither of us ate the worm when we finished the bottle. Not because we were scared, but Worms do not eat worms.

We will probably visit another couple of villages around the lake (by boat as there are no roads to them) before heading off to Antigua (that is Antigua in Guatemala, not the West Indies!).

Enjoy the weather because we are!


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