Lake Atitlan

January 24, 2013 - Atitlán, Guatemala

Spending our days in one lakeside village before catching a leisurely boat to the next....

Lake Atitlan 1Lake Atitlan 2Lake Atitlan 3Lake Atitlan 4Lake Atitlan 5Lake Atitlan 6Lake Atitlan 7Lake Atitlan 8Lake Atitlan 9Lake Atitlan BoatView From Our HotelSan Pablo ChurchPanajachel DigsSan  Juan Wall Painting


Sally Whitehead:
January 24, 2013
Lovely pics, the weather is certainly better than here. xxx
January 25, 2013
horrible cold snowy weather here.floods expected weekend.very envious,keep well you two and enjoy.papa
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