A near-death experience?

January 25, 2013 - Santiago Chimaltenango, Guatemala

So, yesterday morning we took a very small boat from one village on the lake to the next. Now, bear in mind that I am a wuss of the first degree. Most watery things scare me and I won´t even go down the kids' slidey thing in a swimming pool. I knew I was in trouble when I saw that the wind had whipped up the lake into something nearing tidal. Waves on a lake? I no likey. Even staying on the jetty without getting blown into the drink was tricky for me. It took two men to get me on that boat. My getting off was a bit speedier, I can tell you. Today my thighs hurt because I was squeezing the boat seat so hard. I knew those childhood riding lessons would come in useful one day. No one else seemed bothered. Maybe they can swim properly. Anyway, we made it. Only to be staying in the village nearest to the volcanoes. We don´t learn do we. Bizarrely, I hear that Leicester had a tiny earthquake tremor recently. Just jealousy,  I reckon. It´s cooler hear and often quite windy. I say, those tin roofs do rattle. Great hotel, though. Less than half the price it should be in full season. We are getting good at haggling now. And first proper hot shower in ages. Luxury. I´m staying in there for an hour tomorrow ...


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Sally Whitehead:
January 25, 2013
Do you get sea sick, or lake sick ??
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