Costa Less now, at last!

March 31, 2013 - León, Nicaragua

Aha, out of Costa Rica at last. We left Fortuna and managed to get ourselves over the border and into Nicaragua pretty speedily. Made the mistake of deciding to stay in Rivas. Nothing doing there. It shuts on a Sunday. We had to eat pizza for dinner, much to Vince's disgust. And I had to go to a 24 hour garage to get a lighter. Not being able to smoke whilst being bored silly would have been The End.


Then we went to Masaya. Which was lovely. A very interesting place. Lots going on. We would have liked to stay longer, but had reserved a room in Leon for 5 nights. In Masaya I did my usual and managed to injure myself. In South East Asia I had slipped down a kerb to avoid dog poo. This time I fell off a kerb. And I was sober. Hurt foot this time, rather than ankle. Anyway, it is nearly better now. Vince is probaby going to come to a similar fate. He has Flip Flop Trouble. The thong keeps coming out at the most unexpected times. Accident Waiting to Happen. Whilst in Masaya we visited a fort which had been a torture centre at one time. And you could tell. Talk about a grim atmosphere.


Anyhoo, we got to Leon without any trouble. And then regretted it a bit. We had hoped to have a very exciting Semana Santa i.e. Holy Week. Leon is supposed to be a blaze of sawdust carpets along the road, depiciting scenes with Jesus in. Anyway we saw 3 carpets. 3. I ask you. And we had heard about fantastic processions of floats. There were 4 floats. Unless you count the one with the generator on. Disappoinintg.


VInce has gone off to climb a volcano and snow board down it. I sit here very bored. Looking forward to seeing family and friends again in 3 weeks time. It has been a long trip.


I still love the beaches though! And the different food! Looking forward to being  a bit busier soon. And earning some money.


March 31, 2013
I do love reading your funny stories. Can't wait yay only 3 weeks to go! You're going to think Lily has grown so much! Love and miss you lots xxx
Sally Whitehead:
April 1, 2013
I didn't know you smoked did I??
Sally xxxxxxxx
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