That´s all, folks

April 23, 2013 - Cancún, Mexico

Well, this is it: my final blog for this trip. Soon we will be on the bus, plane, tube, train, Shanks's Pony, Wetherspoons, and bus. Lucky old Mum and Dad. They get us to stay with them again. Then it will be a whirl of looking for somewhere to live in Stamford and jobs to pay the rent. Son Jonny gets married to the lovely Laura on May 4th so I don't think I can draw breath until mid May. Just a few days to find a mother-of-the-groom outfit and get me hair do done. Self-inflicted pressure, I know.


This trip has been much better for me than the south east Asian, et al, journey. It has been far more hygeinic all round. And it was very sweet of Vince to suffer the food poisoning this time round. Equality is a good thing in a marriage.


It is going to be a massive shock going back to England and the weather there. I know April can be nice but we are totally spoiled. We have been used to temperastures of 29 degrees and such. We have spent this morning on the beach. I shall be importing some Mexican sand back into England. On my body.


My next blog will probably be about India. I want to go there next year. Not for long, though. Deli Belly has my name on it, no dubt.


I hope the blogs have been enjoyable. And likewise the photos, which I "nagged" VInce to put on. I think they give a much clearer indication of what we have seen than my doddery old lady ramblings.


Vince is very much looking forward to his first pint of real ale for 5 months. I am very much looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. And Wetherspoons fizzy rose. We have been staying in quite a grotty hostel for the last 3 days. Madame la Cockroach (Spanish, Sarah, Spanish: La Cucuracha) made an appearance. But Vince was very brave indeed and despatched it into cockroach heaven (the bin in the bathroom) with the deft use of one of my sandals. Nice. We had a big but smelly bedroom and a wet, stinky en suite. I don't need to tell you what temperature the water was. I shall really relish my next hair wash. Because it will be in hot water. However, we have stayed clean, and sane. And we are still speaking to each other. That in itself is a triumph, I think. 5 months together 24/7. Can smeone please make us a badge each. Medals, perhaps.


Until next year ...

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Sue Busley:
April 26, 2013
Time flies ... enjoyed your blogs, and will look forward to more next year.
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