The story so far - double La Paz

March 23, 2014 - La Paz, Bolivia

In La Paz we found a decent room within budget and with hot shower. We managed to get haircuts for 2 pounds 50 pence each. That was great value for me. Vince wasn't impressed, though. He says he usually pays far less when he's abroad. We went to a micro brewery. There was one very good brew which tasted like English real ale. Somehow it was both hoppy and malty.


From La Paz we travelled to Coroico. The journey only took 2 hrs 30 mins in a minibus. It cost us under 2 pounds each. But it really messed my back up. Vince went off to find a hostal whilst I sat on a bench in the main square, feeling sorry for myself. Vince almost got mugged. 4 Bolivians on a truck shouted in Spanish at him and gestured for him to lift his T-shirt. I suppose they were looking for a money belt. Vince pretended to be thick. He said that wasn't hard. They rode off without bothering him further. It must have been nasty for Vince, although he said he could see the main square wasn't far away. Not nice though. Anyways, Vince then went on to be a Very Clever Boy. He secured a huge room with an absolutely beautiful view. And the best shower we have had so far. We decided to stay for 4 days so that my back could be rested. A combination of walking and resting worked really well. Vince has been very thoughtful - carrying my bag, turning the mattress on the bed. Bad stomach for me again but Vince's mobile medicine cabinet (okay - plastic bag) sorted it. Those who know me well will snigger when I say I only wanted crisps for 2 days. Crisps? Moi? The famous health food fanatic? Plus small injections of Cuba Libre. I haven´t totally lost it.


I have made 20g of tobacco last 9 days without even trying. Don't know how/why. Packet of local (and extra long) fags around 65p.


Today we left a very wet Coroico. It chucked it down yesterday, too. We arrived back in La Paz to warm sunshine. We then took a local collectivo minibus-type public transport thingy from the bus station to La Paz centre. 15 mins cost us only about 12p each. Found decent grub and hotel room. We were listening to a big local celebration outside, near the cathedral. And watching it at the same time on local telly. Next we are going to arrange a tour to the salt flats. It'll be very cold so no doubt that will have me whingeing loudly . . .


Vince tried to upload more photos but for some reason the function has been disabled on the p.c. So he can't. More puffing and blowing . . .


March 24, 2014
Hi Sarah and Vince, hope your back improves Sarah.Received
the llama card.Be lucky, see you soon.Mam@Dad
March 24, 2014
Hope your back improves, I am sure more alcohol would help. CRISPS can hardly believe it.
Perhaps they meant the back of his t shirt!!!!!
Sally xxxxx
Graham J:
March 24, 2014
Coroico sounds a bit dodgy. Maybe the website is worth checking out for accommodation in the more pricey towns, like Cuzco - presumably you're going there eventually?
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