April 8, 2014

Coca tea doesn't really have any effect, Graham. Coca leaves do, if you chew enough of them. They give you energy, heightened awareness and, apparently, stop you feeling hungry. We went to the Coca Museum in La Paz. The indiginous (spelling -sorry) people used the leaves well, to give them the strength to work hard. Then the Yanks came along and made cocaine and it all went a bit wrong. Vince and I did drink a lot of coca liqueor when we were on the salt tour. It acts a bit like speed. Getting to sleep is very difficult. And it upset our stomachs for days.


Back to Cusco. We climbed up to some Inca ruins. I must admit, it was worth it. We took a look at the Cristo Blanco, a white statue of Christ, which was at the same level. Most towns seem to have one of those. We bought some fruit at the organic market. Lucuma was weird. Tastes like sweet potato. No juice. A bit like a soft boiled egg in texture. Or avocado. Tastes like spiced, gingery toffee.


5th April: On the tourist train to Aguas Calientes. We actually spent some big money on this! Fantastic scenery.


6th April: We took a bus to Machu Picchu. Awesome in the true sense of the word. I climbed a mountain! There are 2 on the site. Vince and I climbed the highest of the two as the other was fully booked by tourists! Perfect weather and great photos to come. We walked back down the steep mountain terrain from Machu Picchu afterwards. About a mile. And then back to Aguas Claientes. A lots-of-walking-and-climbing-up-and-down day. I didn't moan much. In fact, I enjoyed it. (Calve muscles still aching, though.) Bought an avocado for 10 pence. Cheapèst yet.


7th April: My contact lens finally emerged after being stuck in my eye for 3 days and 4 nights. Must be the weather. Definitely time to investigate lazer surgery as soon as I can. We took the expensive tourist train back to Ollantytambo. Many of the houses here are built on Inca foundations. We got a room in one of them. Beamed ceilings but new-looking as all revamped inside. Great view of Inca ruins on mountainside. Vince climbed up to view one of the sites (Pinkuylluna). I stayed in the hostel room like a lazy person, reading. Later we went for a walk. The whole town is full of Inca rocks, terrraces, stones and pathways. I imagine there have been no earthquakes here and that is why it is still possible for the people to live in traditional (albeit modified and repaired) Inca houses. The town is not just surrounded by Inka ruins with a modern village in the middle. Although there are loads of Inca ruins here too. We have only visited the free ones, of course! Bought a big bottle of beer (just over a pint) for one pound.



Graham J:
April 8, 2014
There was coca in Coca Cola originally, thence the name. Cusco is going to be one of the first places I visit.
April 8, 2014
I had a cup of cocoa last night it sent me sleep!
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