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April 9, 2014 - Cusco, Peru

As we are back in Cusco and the internet is fast. We totally recommend Cusco, Graham. You will love it. Not much not to like.


Alan - you had cocOa. We had coca. That O makes all the difference.


Meet me at the Fort: Not a sentence you hear every day. But that is what Vince said to me this morning, in Ollantytambo.  We were climbing around the - free to visit - ruins. Yes folks, more climbing. All the activity has left me with a raging appetite. We went to the local market and had 2 glasses each of freshly squeezed (processed in a cutting machine thingy) of carrots and papya mixed. Nicer than it sounds. Only 20 pence per glass.


We took a collectivo to Urubamba. It was 30 pence each for half an hour's travel. Then we took a bigger bus to Cusco. Local transport. One and a half hours for about 90 pence each. Great scenery. Patchwork fields just like England. But with snow capped mountains and conifers like Switzerland. Confusing, eh?


We arrived in Cusco and my massive appetite lead to me eating a burger. It even had a few chips with it. Unheard of for me. Even more shocking than the crisp episode. Where's it all going? I am not getting any bigger. It's all that blinkin' climbing, I reckon. Whilst I had a total personality change and ate my burger, Vince drank a bucket of tea for about 60 pence. Later he had 2 courses and mate (weird and horrid local tea drink) for 85 pence.


We've been enjoying the sunny weather to take more photos of Cusco. At least, Vince has. And he bought some new shoes (plimsoles). And socks. For once he shopped like a man, not a girl. The purchases were made very quickly.


We will be travelling for several days from tomorrow. Breaking our journey with stop overs. I shall be glad when we finally get to stay somewhere for more than a day. My clothes need to visit a laundry ASAP!



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Graham J:
April 10, 2014
Do you find Cusco to be more expensive than other places in Peru, being touristy?
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