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April 13, 2014 - Ayacucho, Peru

Hi Graham - Cusco can be very expensive, yes. But we found somewhere cheap to stay and somewhere very cheap to eat. We stayed in Arrieros Hostel, just up the hill from San Blas church. Ask around for it or Google it. I have just put a review on Trip Advisor. One flight of steps down from the hostal and turn to the right is a cafe serving 2 course menus for 6 soles. And you can get good quality organic food from the main market. There are a couple of supermarkets too. Booze-wise, best to go to the little shops for wine or beer. We are off to Lima tomorrow night but will be going straight on to the north of Peru. We will be in Lima for a few days before we fly to England on 29th.

I have noticed plenty of employment in South America. There are signs on many shops and restaurants looking for assistants, waitress, waiters, cleaners, etc. There really seems to be no shortage of jobs.

Now, where was I? ...

9.4.14. As we turned up at Cusco bus station there was a bus just leaving. The ticket seller lead us on a chase, culminating in us in a taxi following the bus. The bus company employee phoned the dirver of the bus. We heard him saying that he had 2 "gringos in a taxi". Highly funny for us. The taxi driver took a shortcut and we managed to get our bus after a few minutes' chase. How dramatic. We arrived at Abancay after 4 hours. There was nothing to do in the town, so we turned to drink. Beer for Vince and rum and diet coke for me. We bought it from local stores and sat in the sun on the square, like the true alcoholicas we are. It was nice to feel warm after the cool evenings in Cusco. We bought avocados for 5p each.

10.4.14. We caught a minibus to Andahuaylas. Another 4 hour trip. It was a very winding, rough road. We went up above the clouds and down again. No altitude sickness. I think we have truly acclimatised. The driver got a bit over-confident when we hit tarmac'd roads again. White Van Man. Fingers crossed. We arrived in one piece. Only saw two tourists yesterday and none today. We really are the only gringos in town. Some local children took great interest in us and wanted to practice their English. More bussing tomorrow. Hopefully to a town with fast internet and a laundry!


11.4.14. Got up at 6 only to find that there was no 7 a.m. bus. None until 9. We bussed for 3 hours and then stopped for lunch. Bought 4 oranges for just one sole (20p). The bus got going again one and a half hours later. It drove 10 minutes to a bridge which the driver didn't have the correct paperwork to cross. We were abandoned. We waited for a replacement bus which didn't come. After half an hour another minivan picked us up. We were lucky it was passing. But it meant that we had to pay again. We had already paid for the full trip and only got half of it. Never mind. Fortunately, the first hostal we looked at was within our budget. And we got a big meal for 4 soles each.

12.4.14. Very sunny. Dropped off laundry - hoorah!Got masses of fruit juice for 70p - more than enough for the two of us. Carrot and pineapple - nice! Weather very hot and then rained. Fantastic rainbow. All preparing for Semana Santa as it's Palm Sunday tomorrow. Loads of marching bands and posters of Jesus (taken from various big feature films, by the look of things). We leave hostal at 12 tomorow and then have to wait until 10 p.m. to get our bus to Lima. Fingers crossed the sun shines so we can sit in the park!


I have to say, the Peruvians are great people. Not nosy, but very helpful. I like them!

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Graham J:
April 15, 2014
There are supposed to be good beach places on the coast in the north of Peru.
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