Beached at last

April 17, 2014

13.4.14. You are absolutely right, Sally and Vince has now come round to your way of thinking. Yesterday he had half a guineapig. Crispy fried. He was extremely disappointed with the lack of meat on it. I had a massive portion of Lomo Saltado. Fortunately for Vince I couldn't eat it all. So he got most of my chips. Good job as, predictably, he was still hungry.

Checked out at 12, leaving bags at hostal - bonus. Weather became lovely and sunny. So we were able to do just what I wanted - sit in park. Lots of Palm Sunday processions in the evening. Overnight bus to Lima. Sat right at front on top of the bus. Beautiful countryside in the full moon. Unfortunately the bloke on my right snored very loudly for 10 hours. There was even louder snoring coming from behind me. Didn't even sound human. More like a giant warthog. I looked as we got off the bus and it turned out to be . . . a woman!


14.4.14. Booked a bus for a few hours' time. Expensive, but the only one we could find. Needless to say, after we'd booked it we found loads of cheaper buses. Anyway, we boarded the bus at 12.30. It was slow and expensive. But both lunch and a snack dinner were part of the price. And there were individual entertainment centres. I watched a film. Vince listened to music and watched a film too. Scenery a bit boring, so media centres welcome. Arrived at Trujillo at 10 p.m. Got hostal straight away and crashed out.


15.4.14. Nice breakfast. 2 rolls and 2 tamales. Vince had the rolls. Tamales contained chicken and egg so Vince couldn't eat them. Excellent, as they were right up my street. Lots of polenta or couscous stuff ina little parcel. Even had olives in the middle. Muh nicer than Mexican tamales, which are a lot greasier. These seemed to be steamed. Took half an hour collectivo to Huanchaco. Cost 30p each. Found cheap room. Five pounds a night with hot water, telly, decent bed. Shower in room, which they fixed immediately when we said hot water not working. Have to walk across hall to toilet. But that doesn't bother me. We have use of kitchen and roof terrace. So can make our own tea, coffee, etc and sunbathe. The plan is to stay here for 10 days, sunbathing. Weather already turned cloudy! Staying just along the road from a hotel called Wankko. Needless to say, we find that hilarious. Nothing to do herre. But loads of  booze shops, 2 book exchanges, and a library. Be churlish not to indulge.


16.4.14. Cockroach or Dog Poo, Madam? Both on the menu today. Which is ironic, since this is one of the cleanest hotels we have been in. But I saw it. It crawled across the floor. Proably out of the bag Vince's socks are festering in. It was lovely to wake up to a mug of coffee which Vince had kindly made for me, using the kitchen facilities. Weather lovely. Very hot. Saw several examples of dog poo on beach but managed to find a clear patch. And roasted for 2 hours. Marvelous. Shared ceviche followed by seafood rice. Typical around here. And I have found a cafe that makes excellent pisco sours for a good price. Nice.

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Graham J:
April 17, 2014
Huanchaco sounds all right. £5 for a double room is good. Dave's brother recommends a place called Mancora up that way.
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