April 21, 2014

17.4.14 Sarah's recipe for perfect lazy day: Awake to mug of coffee, made by husband. Shower, exercise. Breakfast on tamal and more coffee. Spend 2 hours on beach. Weather must be very hot with a lovely breeze. Go for a Pisco Sour and a little snack in the sun. Retire to hostal room whilst husband goes back to beach to roast some more. Read and generally laze around. Husband returns. Snack on two tiny little rolls filled with beautifully ripe avocado. Have a cup of tea. Go out for a walk to take sunset photos on the beach. Have an excellent dinner e.g. this Peruvian speciality: Papa Causa con Langostinos. This is a round, high potato mash pile filled wih hard boiled eggs and loads of fat prawns., Toped with slices of avocado, natch. Follow with cocktails for only 3 soles each (a promotion and cheapest we've ever had - 65p each). Consume these whilst watching excellent live band. Trumpets and trombone in addition to the usual yayas and drums. Make music a mixture of reggea and a little rock so tha husband doesn't go off on one. But best stuff will be (for me) the crossover jazz fusion stuff these local lads play. Not a bad musician in the bunch. Dance liberally.

It doesn't get much better than that.


18.4.14. A bit cloudier. Just as well, for my skin's sake. Still warm enough to sunbathe, though.


19.4.14. Very hot again. I am enjoying this time of lazing around because I know it will all stop soon. I like being able to read as much as I want to.


20.4.14. I have started watching a European film channel whilst Vince has his second roasting Sometimes I just watch bits of the films but they are all good quality. I saw most of Lark Rise to Candleford today. And a few mins of a film about Maria Callas. Jeremy Irons was in it. Lordy lord, that man is pretty.


Am in love with tamales. And the luscious avocados that are grown in this country

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Graham J:
April 21, 2014
Hi guys

I'm in Lima now. I was thinking of going to Cerro Azul for a week, coming back on Monday and then heading for Cusco. Maybe we could meet up on Monday. I'd really like to get some tips from you.
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