December 27, 2009 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Weather: Snow on the ground!

Christmas really isn't the same when you're not at home, but even so, I had a very nice one in Glasgow this year.

A couple from Australia I met at one of the nerdy game night parties was having a we're-foreign-and-too-poor-to-go-home Christmas party at their flat, so I went there along with two other Australians and a French guy.  We had a ton of good food, chips, cheese, chocolate, wine--it was awesome!  I liked hearing the Australians' giant spider stories, I-touched-an-octopus-that-can-kill-you-in-30-seconds stories, etc.  Everything in Australia pretty much wants to kill you.  They have Drop-Bears, which are like koala bears but more ninja.  They hide in the trees and, fittingly, drop down on top of you and eat you. The only way to discourage them is to smear your head with Veggimite.  There are spiders the size of a saucer that will actually CHASE you down and jump on you!  Octopi are quite smart and devious, apparently.  You need mad survival skills just to manage a regular life over there!

Also, did you know that koala bears--since they eat so much eucalyptus, and are filled with the oil essentially--in a forest fire, if they get too hot, they EXPLODE?!


Anyway, we all had a very nice Christmas together.  It was really nice to have people to be with, and especially such hospitality!  I hope I can do the same some day.

I really miss Montana and the proper snow and mountains and Russ's meat loaf.  I wish visiting were more economical!! Hugs for everyone!!!


Snow in Glasgow
Beginning of a Snowstorm
More Snow


Your Other Mom:
January 1, 2010
Hi, Jaimie: It's good to hear from you and I'm glad that you had a good Christmas. It's hard not to be home for Christmas but it sounds like you had something special that came close to it.

The kids came over to the house for Christmas Eve and we had a nice dinner and did the gift thing. On Christmas Day, Shari and David (daughter and fiancee) went to Helena to spend the day with his family. We thought maybe we would go to a movie with our son, Kevin, on Christmas Day but he ended up having other plans so Ed and I just vegged at home which was okay with me.

Being old, we are staying at home for New Year's and will probably go to bed early so we can function half way decently tomorrow.

I'm glad my Christmas e-card brought you snow. I enjoyed receiving yours and look forward to corresponding with you in the New Year.

Take care of yourself!

Love and Hugs! :-)
Your Other Mom:
January 1, 2010
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