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Wandering to the Library

December 4, 2009 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Take some Dramamine and hop in my bag while we walk to the library (condensed movie--it's really about a 25 minute walk!) This one didn't turn out so great...the camera kept tilting up apparently so you get a lot of the sky :S but I put in some music to make it bearable. If anyone likes this idea, I will try to do more, and get a bit better with the camera.

Highlights: Fire truck, the castle which is my school, a fruit stand, the library (skyscraper at the end).

Movie was taken around 2:15 PM on December 3. Yeah. It looks like freakin 5pm at least.

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December 6, 2009
OMG!! That was totally AWESOME! :-) I love your music choices. The Beatles go with anything and are always appropriate for any situation. Here's a camera hint: make sure your anti-shake/anti-jitter thing is turned on. It helps to stabilize things alittle. But I totally felt like I was there, it was so cool!

Work is going fine as always. We just decorated for the Holiday. We are not doing the competition this year, though. We just did it for our own enjoyment. I get to go to Conflict Resolution & Customer Service classes next Wednesday, so that should be loads of fun. Well I hope you have a safe & Happy Holiday! Keep studying hard.

Oh, we so missed you in the office the other day...we had a huge discussion about 'affect' and 'effect', 'pled' and 'pleaded', and 'hanged' and 'hung'. So needed you there for that. And Jennifer got a new puppy & brought him into the office. His name is Reese & he is a Boxer like Brutus, and she brought in Brutus in too. They are both really cute. I actually had my camera when she brought in Reese & got some really cute pictures of him. I'll try to post them on FB so you can see him too!

I vote for more videos! Can't wait for the next one!

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