January 24, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

First stop :  Hawaii after 5 days at sea.

I've taught 10 classes so far and met some delightful people.  Our lecturers are terrific - especially the art historian from NYC;   a fascinating oceanographer (we stood on the deck with him yesterday watching for whales etc... )  the charming Roger McGuinn  (from The Byrds and  early rock/folk scene) as well as an all-time favorite, Ken Rees who was a BBC world reporter and who is a wealth of information.

We each walk several miles each day (deck laps) wearing a "Walk on Water" vest which holds weights (to keep you from blowing overboard?) .  B's taking a course in Memoir writing and signed up for the chorus.

We actually had 5 days with no land in sight so we were all happy to see Hawaii pop up out of the sea yesterday.   Because we were receiving a new Yamaha Clavinova onboard today from Europe, I had to stay until it was set up and loaded with new material.  Debbie Skinner, my Yamaha connection has been onboard this week, doing inventory and awaiting the arrival of the new Clav.  She left this afternoon after we went to have lunch together.  Bruce went on a "food tour" we found on Trip Advisor.

Tonight there's a luau up on the top deck with Hawaiian singers and dancers so we're staying here for that instead of leaving the ship again.  Then we set sail for Moorea, Society Islands where we'll arrive in 5 days.  Gaugin territory.

I'll send a photo or two  if I can get them to download more quickly than they have so far !

Aloha to you all,

Carol and Bruce



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