At sea, enroute to Moorea

January 27, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

 Yesterday we crossed the Equator... King Neptune and his Queen and several members of their court were onboard for the occasion !  Today's my last day of real lessons; tomorrow is the Grand Finale for this segment.  We're loving the other instructors and the lecturers, most of whom will be leaving in Tahiti.  

Yesterday I taught two classes, went to 2 lectures (Gaugin's demise by an art historian ;  Presidential personalities from Carter to Obama by a White House correspondent for Newsweek...)  went to a movie (Bagger Vance, because one of the stars is onboard) a piano concert (Tian Jiang) finished my book (about Gaugin) and walked a couple miles ~ oh yeah, a couple of meals in between.  And !  In bed by 9:30.

We just came from Roger McGuinn's final talk -  we've really enjoyed him.  Understand he's played in BTV several times.   And now back to my afternoon class.  One of the pianists onboard is coming to do a little mini-concert for us since it's Mozart's birthday.

Ciao  from the South Pacific

Bruce and Carol

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