Moorea, Society Islands

January 30, 2011

This is probably the most beautiful place I've ever been, and the day is perfect in terms of blue skies, light breeze, a few puffy white clouds.  Moorea is volcanic with magnificent craggy jaggedy peaks which are viewed from everywhere, white sandy beaches and  ancient mareas or temple ruins which we found - one up high in jungle, one right down by the water.   The entire center of the island is jungle so that everything is on the only road which just circles the island.  It is not overly touristy and the people are quite beautiful, very friendly and dressed like the natives in Gaugin paintings (not the nude ones).

We rented a car with our new friend Rich, the art historian, and a couple from our dinner table, and had a wonderful day exploring.  The pineapple is reportedly the sweetest in the world.  Bali Hai was filmed here... understandably.  I bought two pareos made in Moorea, to use as tablecloths but we've seen natives wearing them, using them as towels and beach mats as well as tablecloths.

We sail away this evening headed for Tahiti which is only 12 miles away.  It is a sad thought that we will probably never return, because it is truly a jewel of the South Pacific.

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