March 15, 2011 - Singapore, Singapore

We've just spent two days in Singapore and are now sailing on to Kuala Lumpur which isn't far, so we will arrive early in the morning.   Our time in Singapore was great because we got to see our dear friend from another cruise Yolanda (although Tom was unable to join us).  You've probably all heard our tales of Mumbai and the crazy taxi driver - well, Yolanda is the crazy friend who kept us all alive by yelling at "Jonny" the taximan.  She showed us places we'd never seen and we had lots of laughs, some fabulous food and...we each found some new treasures to take home.

Singapore  as you probably know - is an Island-City-Country with 6million people.   It has changed since we were here in 2009.  The most incredible new architectural wonder is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel - if you haven't already, you should google it.  It's like no other building in the world.  Bruce went to the top and took some great photos.  From a distance it looks like a cruise ship landed atop 3 tall bldgs.

The architecture all over the city is a wonderful mix of old and new, as the Colonial era is still represented along with the old Chinese shop-houses (shop on bottom, house on 2nd floor... some  are beautiful) and, the ultra modern sleek fabulous skyscrapers.   The river running through the city adds a lot as well as the beautiful trees, flowers and lush plantings everywhere except in the very center of the business district.

We visited Little India, ate at a Hawkers' Market, went to our favorite museum  - the Asian Civilization Museum, and ended our day in Chinatown.  It was great... hope the pictures will help tell the story. There is a little island next to Singapore with a cable car running to it... the cable went right over our boat, so I sat on our verandah and watched it going back and forth last night.  Bruce went to the night-time safari at the zoo and said it was fabulous.

Tonight we met our new table-mates for this segment.  A British couple and one from Ft Worth.  So here we go again... new people, new classes, new ventures.  We're still lovin it !

Hope all is well with you and yours, and that if you're supposed to be practicing piano, you are !  We'd love to hear from you... let us know what's up, and take care.  Spring is in the air.

xox,  C&B  (The most recent 7 photos are Singapore;  you may need to click "PICTURES" to see them)


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