Phuket Thailand

March 19, 2011 - Phuket, Thailand

Yesterday was a brief stop in Phuket .  We went our separate ways for the day:   I, for a 3 hour Spa treatment !  (yummy) followed by a visit to a Buddhist temple ("Body and Spirit") -  as Bruce went on an island snorkeling adventure.  He was happy to discover that although the beaches are beautiful, they are no more beautiful than the Abacos (which are only a few hours away from BTV).

We know that several of you are going through some tough times, and we want to make sure you know that we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and hoping for things to turn around and/or to improve.  Please keep us up to date - we're far away, but we still care and want you to know we're thinking of you..

About a month ago I learned of a school for impoverished street kids outside of Yangon (Burma) and through a series of emails beginning with a guy in England,  I was able to contact a guy who works at the school -and I've managed to connect with a private tour guide who has been in touch with the school and who will take us there.  I've been gathering up donations of sorts to take with me... soap and shampoo (our stewardesses have gotten  stingy - we aren't given extra Aveda products like we used to  !) but  others gave me their collection of chocolates (the ones they leave on our pillows each night) etc.   For $10 a month one can sponsor one child, so several have offered to do that for a child in the school.

We arrive Burma tomorrow (Sunday) , and Kyaw (our guide) will meet us and take us around - we'll have him the whole time we're there. 

One of the gents at our dinner table was the Director of Rowan and Martin's LAUGH IN.  He's told  some great stories about Goldie Hahn, Arne Johnson, Bob Hope etc.... he also directed the Dinah Shore show (he's not a youngster).   We have excellent lecturers on this segment - about SE Asia, washington politics,  etc.  I'm taking the art class, making a scrapbook of this segment of the cruise.  Fun.

Take care everyone, and let us hear from you.  Blessings on you all.

xox, Carol and Bruce


Bruce's snorkeling trip
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