Myanmar - first day

March 24, 2011 - Rangoon, Myanmar

We arrived in Burma on Sunday.  I had hired a private guide but was surprised when there were 2 guys waiting for us - Kyaw Khaing and another... the "driver" (or government man?)    Serenity has to dock about an hour from Yangon in the only port deep enough for us.  It's an interesting ride into the city... water buffalo pulling carts in the fields, bamboo huts, local buses loaded with passengers (sitting atop, hanging off the back and crammed in like sardines) as well as the little noodle shop / tea huts lining the road, all with children's size plastic tables and chairs for the customers.

We went to the "Royal Barge" for the first time and it was like Battery Park on a Sunday evening, filled with families having a good time.  The barge itself is now a 'fancy, expensive' restaurant where for a price you can have dinner and see traditional dancing  but as he explained, way too much for most people:  $15.

The Shwedagon Pagoda by night is amazing.  The gold is almost blinding.  It is a huge place, and everywhere you look there is more gold, more Buddhas, stupas, bells, places to burn incense or light candles or make a water offering.  It was filled with people- families, young couples, children, monks, novices and a few tourists (mostly Thai) as well as 150 from Serenity on a tour.

Back at the ship at 9:30 they had a "local show" with Myanmar musicians, dancers and puppeteers.

End of Day One in Myanmar.  Photos attached !

xox, B&C


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