Togo ? or not Togo? (Lome, Togo)

April 27, 2011 - Takoradi, Ghana

Many of the places we've visited have a welcoming program - a band, singers, dancers - usually in costume. But the welcoming in Togo was the best !  There were African drums and dancers, but towering over it all were two stilt-walkers, about 20 feet high and  fabulous.  it was like watching a native version of a Bread and Puppet show.  They danced, frolicked,  did tricks and posed for photos.

Togo is a center of the Voodoo religion so some day trips included  a voodoo ceremony and/or  visit to the fetish market.  Afterwards we heard horror tales about the fetish market which made us glad not to have gone.  The traffic on the main road into Lome was horrendous due to Togo  being a major West African port, with hundreds of container trucks headed to and from the port in a steady stream.

I just went into the Lome market with some friends where we really had fun, looking and buying little treasures.  More stuff to jam into our bulging suitcases.  The sellers were very agressive - but we never felt in danger or in any way threatened as we have some places.  Nor were we concerned about them mugging or robbing us.

Last night was the last Gala Event for World Cruisers.  Serenity has one each segment, and they're always an extravaganza with a lot of silliness along with dinner and a show.  Crystal knows how to keep their guests laughing, well-fed and awed.   

Now we are in Ghana, which is right next door to tiny little Togo.  We're each escorting a day trip which will take us to two citieis other than Takarandhi.  More later on what happens here.  I see there is a market set up right beyond the dock - that's good !

Bruce's sculpture is coming along beautifully.  He sits out on our verandah and rasps and files and sands whenever he has free time.  The concert pianist onboard right now, Hyperion Knight, is doing some special classes for my piano students when we're back at sea later this week.

xox, C&B


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