Takoradi, Ghana

April 29, 2011 - Takoradi, Ghana

Things are winding down for us.  Only two more stops ahead , but 7 more sea days.

Ghana was not one of our favorite places although we got some great photos.  While visiting the co-op fishing village, I heard Bruce say to some young women working there "How old do you think I am?" and of course they giggled and said "20" -  I hear him say "No !  I'm 73 !"  as they all ooooohed.  Then one of them says "I want to marry you !"  and there's Bruce, sitting among them grinning ~ so I walk over, hands on hip and say "Hey girls.. and point to my wedding ring...."   They hee-hawed.  I got a picture of Bruce with them, although most of them didn't want to be photographed.

Most of what we saw in Ghana was simply, depressing.

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