Farewell to World Cruise

May 9, 2011 - Burlington, Vermont, United States

Crystal Cruises really knows how to say good-bye.

It started with a B I G  production Friday night, "Serenity Pops", directed by the VP of Entertainment from LA.  A huge variety show including Bruce's chorus singing Carmina Burana. (They brought on musicians from the London Symphony to augment our orchestra)

Next morning , champagne brunch for the World Cruisers, to show the video of the entire WC.  At the end, Gary the cruise director had all the crew from the entire ship come up on stage. They marched down the aisle, stopping to shake hands or hug passengers . . . ending with the Filipinos, everyone's favorite guys who do lots of food service, cleaning, etc.,  and are always in good moods.  They sang a Filipino folk song and all of those guys started crying - we were all in tears when we left there.

That afternoon,  another variety show with all the favorite entertainers still onboard, closing with "Time to Say Good-Bye" which left everyone bawling.  Our waiter surprised our table with our favorite dessert for dinner (Austrian fluffy thing called Salzburger Knockerl) then there was the count-down, balloon drop party in the main lobby which was One Big Party.  The captain cut the string to release the balloons, there was confetti and congo lines - terrific fun.

Sunday morning we met our usual breakfast bunch (more tears) then were driven to a Marriott at Heathrow for brunch and relaxation before being taken to the terminal for our flights.... which were all easy, security was efficient and fast, flights on time - but it was a long day.  Lisa and Tod met our plane at midnight.

On Tower Terrace the daffodils are in full bloom and tulips are coming out.  Our house was sparkling, and the gardens have been well tended

Great trip.  Amazing, wonderful adventure we'll remember as long as we live.  We are very lucky people and we are very grateful.  Hope to see all of you soon !


Carol and Bruce

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