day 24 Thursday 9th October

October 9, 2008 - London, United Kingdom

I rushed to the station first thing and made it in decent time. All went well as I managed to secure my bike in the apropriate carriage and then I found a seat in the next carriage to keep my eyes on the comings and goings to/from that carriage.

It was a long train journey but quite picturesque. There was the usual train food - not wonderful - more to be endured than enjoyed.

Arrived a few minutes late at Kings Cross. Managed to ride my bike down the platform and out of the station where I had to pause to get my bearings. The moment I popped out of the station someone called my name. I assumed it was another Steve that was being hailed but no, it was Jannette Thomas - what an amazing coincidence. Great to see her there - she looked very smart in her pin-stiped suit.

Next up, the trip home - that was a fast ride thru' very busy rush hour traffic, especially in the Enfield area.

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