day 23 Wednesday 8th October

October 8, 2008 - Inverness, United Kingdom

B&B (Inverness) hosts allowed me to stay in all day and use their computer for an hour or two - I loaded up some photographs to this blog but it's a slow process.

I can't praise enough the B&B's I have enjoyed on this trip. Special praise to the scottish B&B's as they go above and beyond, really adding value. This particular B&B washed my clothes for me - there weren't many but I didn't want to be smelling all day and then the next day on the train to Kings Cross. Of course, I still didn't know that the train would be running. The strike negotiations were volatile. Eventually, at the end of Wednesday I heard the news stating that the strike was off. I just hoped the trains would be in the right place for my service to run on Thursday morning.

I ended the day with clean dry cycling gear to wear for my ride to the station, to wear on the train and to ride from Kings Cross to home in Ware, East Herts.

Despite the help and kindness of those around me I really wished I was at home - today really dragged.

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