1 week of not writing, and a lot to catch up on!

September 22, 2009 - Paris, France

10am; en route to Paris

One week has gone by already and I can’t even begin to explain all the happenings! I haven’t had access to a computer, nor the time from my 2nd job as a travel agent and tour guide to even keep a journal until now. Let’s start from the beginning…

9/15 Tuesday; get 5 hours of sleep, so excited, pick mom and Jenae up at Naples airport, delayed 1 hour…SO refreshing to see them. Go to market, make panini’s, take train to Rome and see Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

9/16 Wednesday; woke up before sunrise on four hours of sleep, went to Coliseum and saw sunrise, then to Vatican Museum where Sistine Chapel is, then a breeze through the beautiful St. Peter’s Basillica, then at 10:30, got in line for Papal Audience. I almost lost my cool in the swarm/mosh pit of a crowd, “we’re going to see the Pope! Really people, we’re going to mass!!” Then took train home and after practice went to Terra Mi and enjoyed wine and pizza and laugh s and lots of talking with Jenae and mom :)

9/17 Thursday; Woke up early after about 5 hours of sleep to take bus/train/ferry to Capri. Didn’t take boat around island but shopped and hiked up. It as beautiful. Then took ferry/bus to Naples for Pizza da Michele, then bus to Caserta. Practice, then dinner at Enrico’s with the team. HAPPY BIRTHFAY TO ME AND JENAE!

9/18 Friday; Woke up a little later, made French toast, packed, drove to field, then to Naples Airport, then flew to Milan with my team, then drove to Legnano with the team, checked into hotel with team, went to dinner with the team..basically it was tag along with the team day.

9/19 Saturday; Walked around square in Legnano by shops, had lunch with team (yes, again), played semi-finals and finals. Won Cup Italia, partied with team at hotel.

9/20 Sunday; Woke up early, got ride to Legnano train station, took train to Florence, saw Statue of David at Accademia Gallery, took train to Pisa, saw the Leaning Tower, had reservations for dinner, great food, stayed the night in Pisa. Rained off and on, of course we forgot the 5-euro umbrellas we bought from the man in the metro station in Rome. Too bad our Bed and Breakfast had black things on bed…mom was convinced they were bed bugs….maybe she was right. Yuck.

9/21 Monday; Woke up after sleeping in a little, took train to Venice, walked EVERYWHERE, cute hotel, walked to gondola ride area, and had a serenaded gondola ride. Venice was everything I had hoped it to be, and more. I loved it. Lots of American there too. Had reservations at La Zuca, GREAT food, waitress pulled a “cambio”. Stayed the night in Venice.

9/22 Tuesday; HAPPY BIRTHDAY N8! Woke up early, walked to bus station after picking up our packaged breakfast lunch, thanks to Hotel Hesperia. Took bus to Venice airport, and now we’re flying to Paris! Have big plans for today, then going to London tomorrow, then back to Caserta, the following day, the flying home the day after that!!

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October 27, 2009
whats a "cambio"? Still can't believe we were in 5 different countries in 5 days...I am still tired..but was amazing!!! Thanks for everything you did dd. Love you
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