I want to be loved…is that too much to ask?

September 11, 2009 - Caserta, Italy

3:45pm; YAY YAY YAY! I have my plane ticket home! I feel so relieved…I also got seats next to my sister and my mom on the way home so I’m super excited. I just came from next door and while the girls were signing a ball for me…I had a nice little conversation with Pam that went something like this…..

Me: I’m so happy to finally have my plane ticket home :)

Pam: Good for you Dani….

Me: Is that sarcasm?

Pam: a little bit

Me: What…I can’t be happy?

Pam: No, you can, but I don’t have to be happy for you

Me: I don’t care if you are…I’m just thinking out loud

Pam: uh, yeah…you are…

Wow. That’s all I’m gonna say….without experiences like this I could stay in Italy forever…but I’m really missing some love from my family and friends and I’m going crazy without Ronnie, so really don’t think much longer would’ve been good for me.  Good thing my mom and sis are coming in 4 days....



September 11, 2009
Dear Pam,
WTH is your problem? Thanks for helping make Dani's trip be the fun experience that she deserves. You'll go real far in life with a pissy attitude like that.
Pam Mazzarellla:
September 15, 2009
Dear Concerned Individuals,

It is not best to make public and relent on every fickle tribulation that may occur. I do not believe one will go far with an attitude like that.

If there is a problem, the optimal path to resolution is a direct confrontation. A post on a blog that no one is able to search for is probably not the best means of communication.

Life and the experiences that follow are personal interpretation and should be independent of another individuals response, rhetoric and actions.

Best wishes,

Pam Mazzarella
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