Soothing Scottish Spring

June 7, 2010 - Scotland, United Kingdom

Well I've been on another trip to my second home country, Scotland.. It always does something special for me. I feel recharged and inspired now that I'm back in Holland and I was in need of that! In need of the hills, fresh air, fish & chips, my wonderful scottish colourful friends, pounds, the music! And I got it all and this time Nana came along and shared all this with me. And she too fell in love with this magic country..

I got to see Callen the beautiful son of my dear friends Liam & Clare for the first time. Callen has an irresistable lively spirit, and when he laughs the sun begins to shine!

I had a gig in Edinburgh, playing at an event called Balkanarama. I was quite nervous about the whole thing. It turned out to be my "biggest" gig so far. Getting 800 people to dance.. I have to say is very exciting but also a bit scary. Luckily they were very much up for it.. all I had to do is feed them good Balkan dance music, a task I was well prepared for. I also got to play before and after a favourite band of mine, Orchestra Del Sol They put up a great show, in very difficult conditions: it was so hot! Everyone sweating heavily... the place completely packed, it was a good, slightly intimidating way. Nana made some nice pictures..

The next day we relaxed the whole afternoon (got up very late) in the sunny garden of Daniel, a good friend of the organizer of the event, who kindly offered to arrange accommodation for us. We had a walk around Edinburgh and ate our first Fish & chips, well I did, Nana (who's not a fish fan) had vegetable pakora.

We spend a few days in the country side... Went for a picnic and a swim with my friends and former flatmates (when I lived in Glasgow) Liam & Diarmid. We also went on a proper hike near Glenn Coe and camped out at a Loch for two nights.. Amazing views and the silence was so peaceful.. I miss it already!

Our final adventure took us from the mountains of the North to hills down south near Dumfries to enjoy the Knocken Gorroch Festival. It's the best festival I've ever been to. Big enough for a great thrill, small enough to avoid all the mess, chaos and overcrowded horrors of massive festivals like Lowlands in Holland with it's 70.000 visitors... No commercial shit, no fences, no security check points, no litter on ground. Camping near a river, friendly strangely dressed people, lots of good music from all over the world and dancing in the open air, surrounded by hills and trees, while drinking from a bottle of heather ale. Definitely my idea of a good time.

And then it was time to return to the flatlands. It was difficult to say goodbye, but we knew we'd be back for more...! Scotland will be there always, solid as a one of it's massive rocks.


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