Autumn Twilight

October 19, 2009 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

It's the title of new song I'm working on.. Definately autumn now.. Enjoyed the beautiful colours in Scotland. Did 2 DJ gigs there. I came to Glasgow in the first place to play on the birthday party of my former flatmate and dear friend Liam. He even offered to pay my ticket so that I could come over and play a DJ set on his party. I felt very honoured!

It was a great intimate party too, everyone seemed to be dancing completely free, expressing there own unique ways of moving which was treat to watch and be contributing to. The other party was a good-drunk-allnight-party at someones flat. Everyone just kept on going. Played Electro Swing, Balkan Beats, Indian Dub and a lot of south american crossover stuff. Needless to say I was a little wasted the next day.. I also did a lot of serious networking trying to make sure that I would have a few paid gigs next time I'm around. It'a a tough job and takes a lot of patience and persistence, but it paid of, I gatherd a contact list for about thirty venues and at least one place which offered me a gig when I'm back in may.. It's a start;-)

I also went on a great hike with Diarmid another dear friend and Liam. The view on the top of the hill we climbed was fantastic. No rain nor mist, just golden late afternoon sunlight over the hills below. You could see Glasgow on your left and the great dark hills of Loch Lomond on your right. A cool breeze and silence, peace and a sense of ectasy! A great celebration of the autumn spirit indeed...



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October 22, 2009
Moooooi! heb je geen mp3-tje van je nieuwste op je blog? Hheee je hebt google ad's op je blog, ontvang je daar wat van?
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