November 24, 2009 - Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Why do scooters always sound like they don't wanna be out  - wwwwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa.  We hired a scooter each today.  God dam, it was scary and fun all at the same time.  The cost of renting some "death" is a meagre 150baht (3quid) a day.  The woman at the shop also sold us some gasoline from old mineral water bottles that were sat in the baking sun - health and safety = health and schmafety!!!!  If Julie had a pound for every time she's ridden a scooter she wouldn't have two pennies to rub together - so having never ridden before she got the full in depth instruction from the shop owner "this is go, this is stop, this is stand bike up, ok, bye!!!!" We read in the lonely planet guidebook that so many holiday makers come off their scooters that there are two ambulances dedicated to trawling the island looking for unfortunate tourists who have deposited all their skin on the island's roads - they pour them in and whisk them off to the hozzy.  After approximatley 10seconds of instruction we gingerly set off clockwise round the island.  Wow it was fun - the roads were windy and the views were great, wind in my hair (no helmets available!!), just taking a left here or a right there - freestyling!  I even overtook someone!! We eventually came across "Maibu beach" and spent most of the afternoon soaking up the sun on the most beautiful stretch of sand - clear blue sea, golden sands - fan-bloody-tastic (though I don't think it was a natural beach - seemed to be man made).  We then got back on the scooters and carried on clockwise until we came across an archery range where we both shot arrows for half an hour or so.  Then we got back on the bikes and headed for what we thought was home - but I must have missed our turn as we got further and futher in to the centre of the island.  We carried on regardless and eventually ended up in Thong Sala which is the main town on Ko Phan-gang.  We ate there and then set off up the coast - our only navigational cue being to keep the sea on our left.  More wind in the hair and more beautiful views.  We got back, dropped the bikes off  and sat on a sea-view deck at a local restaurant and watched the sunset - what a day!


We're staying in a lovely little beach hut at a small resort called "smile beach".  It's quiet (i think it's off season if there is such a thing in thailand).  Our private beach isn't great but it's a lot better than the beaches in Leeds so I will not complain.  We have a little hut with a veranda and a hammock - and all for less than 4quid a day.  The food in the local restaurant is absolutley spot on - as fresh as you like - crunchy veggies, tasty sauces and cheaper than chips!!


Miss you all - really, we do!!!


Lots of love,


Mark and Julie.


Emma Brown:
November 24, 2009
So glad you're both enjoying yourselves! Sounds fantastic, so jealous!
Keep having fun
Ste Blake:
November 24, 2009
Sorry I haven't been in contact sooner, but I've had a bit of an itchy arse. I'm also quite stressed right now and it's affecting my ability to
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