Back in Germany!

January 6, 2014 - Lampertheim, Germany

This is going to be my last entry regarding my time in Kenya.

The last weeks I had left were filled with a kind of joy and sadness at the same time. Because I knew I had to leave all those people and the beautiful country behind. But knowing that I would see my family and friends in Germany so soon couldn't stop the happiness inside of me.

Trying to enjoy every moment to the fullest, I had a really good time with my host-family and friends in Taita. The day of my departure was with a smile on my face but with a heavy heart. It's not easy to imagine that in only few days all of this will be very far away and that I would no longer be able to have this free life.

I went to Mombasa to wish everyone goodbye and to get ready for the big day.

It felt bad. So many of my Mombasa-Friends missed me a lot and we wanted to spend more time together than available. Because of that, I was in stress and in a hurry most of the time. Or maybe it's just the hectic city-life and I adapted to it...

One day relaxing on the nice beach of Mombasa, I felt weird seeing Christmas-Decorations. Plastic trees and snow-stickers all over and I was sweating, walking on the beach. This was one of the reasons, why I feared going back. December is the time with most heat on the coastal region of Kenya, while in Germany it was going to be very cold.

We travelled at night, five volunteers, all happy and sad at the same time. Before we left the airport, everybody used all the remaining credit in the phone to call somebody and say a last goodbye.

After a long stop-over in Ethiopia, we reached a cloudy and already dark Frankfurt. I felt excitement.

It was unbelievable good to finally see all my loved ones again and to be hugged. A real hug is worth a lot!

Two weeks have passed now and to be honest, I still don't really know what to feel and what to think. I'm still in Kenya somehow.

I'm amazed by the cleanliness of our bathrooms and by the organized way of life. All streets are smooth, timing is important, everything is somehow possible but there are many rules to obey.

Of course, I'm sick. Even though it's not a cold winter but I feel like freezing every day.

It's so good to be with my friends again and to enjoy the freedom of having an open conversation about any subject.

But also...I miss the friends I have in Kenya. There are so many E-Mails I have to answer. I'm looking forward to visit them again one day. Hopefully not too far away in the future.

Thank You for being interested in my experience of getting to know the culture of a country at the Equator. I really feel thankful to everyone who made this happen. Something like this is unforgettable!


My host-sister and a neighbor
A colleague in the hospital and her daughter
In front of the hospital in Mgange Dawida
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