February 27, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya


On Saturday we got transferred to our host-families. I find myself lucky, because they are Christians. I had to defend my believes very often already in the first week. The Muslims always tried to find ways to get us converted. It’s not that I don’t like Muslims. They are nice people. Fun people. But I don’t like the fact that I have to justify my religion. In general - I don't like it, when people try to talk me into something. No offence.

My host-mom came with two of her three girls. One is turning 4 years old and the other is 7. They are sweet little girls but the opposite of shy. It can get a little disturbing sometimes. But most of the time I enjoy playing with them.

My host-mum is a kind person. She likes to talk a lot. But I like to listen, so that’s a good match. She is a teacher and a strong believer. They call it being “saved” or “reborn” when you believe in God. I have to join them in Church every Sunday. Three hours from 8-11am. But that’s fine because church is fun. They sing and dance a lot. English- and Kiswahili-Songs. There is so much joy! Many people are attending the service. Church means something completely different here.

My host-father is never really around. He is a nice person, but I cannot say much about him. He supports TNA (The National Alliance), the party of Uhuru Kenyatta. My host-mum doesn’t like that. She supports Philipp Kenneth. But the only ones who really have a chance are Uhuru and Raila Odinga.

She says it’s because of the tribe, that he supports Uhuru. I got a TNA-T-Shirt and Cape on my first day in the family. “Never wear this outside!”

I’m sharing my room with the sister of my host-mum. She is silent. Works a lot and helps in the house. I like her. I discovered that in some parts we are alike. She also likes to stay up late. We always watch a television-series together.

Then there is the maid. A househelp. She has to cook, clean and wash. And take care of the kids. Almost every family has a maid here. She is only 22, but she seems older. I’m impressed of her skills. But people say that the girls become maids because they are not educated. She seems more educated than some people. She has life skills.

Sometimes we don’t have water because of the water shortage in the area where I live. (Ganjoni) And rarely there is no electricity. Taking a shower with only a candle (shower means a pot of water and soap) is fun.

The food in my family is always fresh and most of the time yummy. I like it. Especially the Mangos! MMMH…


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