My host-sisters birthday

March 27, 2013 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

On Thursday, 28.2.2013, it was my little host-sisters fourth birthday. My host-mum told me, that there won’t be many people. After we did our birthday shopping and came home late – there were about 20 kids waiting for us. And 10 adults. This is how a small birthday looks like...

I decorated the room and picked my two host-sisters, who had to go to the saloon, while my host-mum prepared the food. The visitors came inside and the noise went up in no time. It was loud and full of people! The cake consisted of a cream made out of pure sugar and the juice tasted also like water with sugar. Kids like it sweet. The TV was set on to cartoon and the children were satisfied. The older ones among us gathered at the table to eat and chat.

The father was not present. He didn’t even give money to my host-mum, so she could buy presents. She has to use her public-school-teachers salary for that. But we enjoyed anyway. Every time my host-sister received a present, I had to take a picture of her and the particular friend.

Two of the catholic-sister came. They were also invited. It is odd for me to see sisters with Iphones. But it was interesting to talk to them.

After they finished eating, the visitors went home and we had to clean up. This was the time my host-sister opened her presents. They waited, until the kids were gone, because they know, that some of them like to steal. Celebrating a birthday here is quite different to what I’m used to in Germany. Here people come to eat and chat and that’s it. It was a nice but exhausting day.

This night, we were five people sleeping in “my” room. My 15-year old host-sister arrived for the election-holiday and there were two friends staying over. The room was full.


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