March 27, 2013 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Very slowly, I arrive in the family life in Mombasa. Adapting takes time. And to understand, that I’ll live here for one year also takes time.

But this week of staying inside all day long because of the election, brought us close together. Every day I was playing with my two little host-sisters. My third host-sister introduced me to some of her friends, who are all really nice. We watched TV together or she tried to teach me how to dance. My non-existing dancing-skills made those dance-lessons very funny. We had to laugh so loud, that our neighbour felt disturbed by it. Remember, we don’t have window-panes.

I helped them with their homework, French for the 15-year old and basic reading and writing subjects for the little ones.

It is surprising for me, how fast people get along. I meet someone and already I’m asked questions like “when are you coming to visit? What’s your phone number?” The memory card of my phone will explode after this year, because of too many contacts. I already have to visit so many people.

I like this friendliness and the ability, to be open to new friends. When I’m sitting somewhere, there’s always someone who walks by and who’ll talk to me. And I’m always aware of the fact, that it is my decision, whether I want to get to know this person better or not. The ones, who don’t push me into talking to them, are the ones, who are really interested in the exchange of information about my country and their country. It is very different to Germany.

This week of holiday wasn’t like normal holidays like I know them. The kids come into the room very early in the morning and want to play. The Jesus-worshipping radio is on most of the time. And my host-mum likes to shout commands to her eldest daughter. But that’s life here. The only thing I don’t like is the absence of my host-father and his fake-promises to take the kids out. He never sticks to those promises. I suppose I have to get used to this kind of fatherly-behaviour too.

I enjoy window-shopping with my 15-year old host-sister and to listen to the stories about the boyfriends of my 7-year old host-sister. My youngest host-sister forces me into story-telling almost every evening. It is new to me, to invent stories, which are set in an African environment.





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