Dar Es Salaam with my parents

April 28, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

Because of my first two weeks in DAR I already knew some places to show my parents. Places to eat tasty food, or the “Mwenge”-Market. Because it was one day before Easter, the streets were full of cars and Dalla-Dallas this day. More traffic than usual. The Bajaji (as a Tuk-Tuk is called in Tanzania) couldn’t take us home, we had to walk. Even some locals left their cars behind and walked. There was no system in the traffic.

After the skyscraper crashed unto pieces, people from home were worried about us. But it was too far away from where we stayed. A very sad story but probably a story involved in corruption. I don’t know. It’s just a guess…

After the March 30th, the high court of Kenya decided pro Uhuru Kenyatta, meaning that he’ll officially become president. This day, two people have been killed in Kisumu, Kenya and there were some demonstrations in Nairobi.

Something I noticed about people I met: most of them could analyze my character very fast. Does that mean there is more knowledge about persons stages of minds or is it just that Germans don’t talk so openly when they meet new people?

On Easter, we went to Bongoyo-Island. It was an adventure to be picked up by a small boat. My dad and I walked through dead corals and very dirty water because it was low-tide. One thing I miss a lot here in East-Africa is chocolate. Because of my parents, I had the luxury of eating “Lind”-Easter-Eggs! It is funny to celebrate Easter in the sun. I still prefer celebrating Easter in a cozy home.



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