April 28, 2013

The trip to Zanzibar was interesting. It seemed as if we were entering a new country within Tanzania. They have many rules and regulations at the “border”.  And of course we got tricked by a clever salesman.

We stayed at “Funguni-Hotel” near the fish port. It was there, that someone took a picture of me without asking. It was weird for me, but that is what the “Wazungu” (whites) always do, so I kept quiet.

Zanzibar is a pretty place. It is a little bit similar to Old Town in Mombasa but the houses are still in good shape and the Swahili Culture seems much more alive. This is a tourist destination. There were many wazungu around. And because wazungu are expected to have money, we had to ignore the locals calling us “Mzungu!” or “Jambo!” very often. I’m sure most of them just want to be polite and sell their things. But it’s just too much to take in when your eyes and ears are already struggling with the new surroundings.

In these four days we heard Kenyan news about people who killed Elephants to get the tusks (which is really disgusting) and about a dispute between Kibaki (now former president) and the new senators and governors. He wants Kenya to remain a central-orientated country whereas the officials of the new government want Kenya to be in charge of many people. I’m wondering, how this conflict ends.

My parents took me somewhere to have the opportunity of swimming with the dolphins and to see monkeys. I could touch the monkeys! They are sweet and funny little creatures.

After this day I got sick. At first we thought it’s Malaria, so I got tested in a hospital. My first Malaria-Test. Luckily, it was negative.


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