April 28, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

After we met our friend plus his family we all went from Dar to Muheza. The trip was long and hot. Our destination was a Beach-Hotel near Pangani. But on our way we had to face some troubles with the bus and later the car. Including several break-downs and a flat-tire. Experiences like this are good for Europeans (Germans especially) to study the art of being patient.

The hotel is as close to the beach as possible. The sound of the ocean at night was smoothing everything down. This time there was good after so much travelling. I have come to notice that travelling needs a lot of energy. The food was good and the whole surrounding helped me to relax. After some time I got on well with our friends kids and enjoyed their company. My parents could give me advice on how to handle the kids in the school in Mombasa and how to support them. I am really thankful for this time I could spend with them and our friends. The last time I was this close to my parents feels long ago.

One day, we visited a traditional Masai-Village. I didn’t know that they are Christians. But their tradition still allows men to have four wives. It is interesting to learn things about this culture. They form a nation without having a nation itself. Being rich means to have many cows. While almost everything seemed to be like old times for them – there were some Masai people with new phones. It was awkward.

The only negative things: showering with salty water every day is bad for hair and because of too many fishing-boats out there we were not able to see fishes while snorkeling.

One thing that should convince everyone to come here: the sky at night! I have never seen stars like this before.


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