April 28, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

When we reached Tanga, we wished our friends good-bye and went to a once recommended hotel. It took only a while to realize that this place is not advisable anymore. From the outside it looked considerably moderate. No alcoholic drinks served because of the owner’s Religion. But a few feet away, at the beach we found empty bottles of alcohol and our feeling that this place was also for other activities than sleeping at night has been proven correct. We left to another house. This one was built by colonialists.  It has been restored nicely. After staying over at different places we could tell that Indians have a good feeling for trading. They make the best out of everything.

Tanga reminds of Mombasa but it’s was more calm and the people were not offensive. We didn’t have to face these annoying people who call whites “Mzungu!” and “Jambo!” all the time. Tanzania’s Value money is not as high as in Kenya. Many things are cheap there. We used this opportunity for buying pretty “Khangas” and “Kitenges” to let the tailor make dresses and shirts afterwards.

This short stay at Kanga helped me as a break between the time at the beach-hotel and the new beginning in Mombasa.


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