Still Holidays

May 31, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

On May 1st, a bird shit on me. People say its luck. So everything is fine. I spent this day in church, playing games in the heat. It’s called “Family Fun Day”.

The remaining holidays were busy. I visited friends and through that I got an invitation to a Swahili-Wedding. It was great! Colorful, cheerful, loud, and fun. I contributed to the funny part by not yet being able to eat Biriani (a Swahili-Rice-Dish). The rice fell down on my Muslim-dress. The wedding was separated, men and women. And women like dancing. A lot. I also had to join the circle they are doing, when the mother of the bride is arriving. Very embarrassing for me, but no problem. Hakuna matata.

A fun fact: the newsreporter of the evening news made fun of the coastal region, because people believe in Genies and other daemons. Especially Swahili-people. Cats often represent human beings with a spell…So when I hear them screaming at night, it’s not good.

Something else: The drug called “Mirah” is very common. It makes people high but I can’t explain how. But the shocking thing is, I saw a Matatu-Driver chewing it!Crazy world we are living in - but fun.

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