May 31, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

There have been some inconveniences on the way to Nairobi, so my host-dad’s and my plans changed. I was to stay behind. I called one of the other volunteers – she is placed in Kajiadoo near Nairobi. I wanted her to assist me. Nairobi is big and coastal people are scared of this town. Having many prejudices in the back of my head, I had to find my way to the place we wanted to meet. Alone. The prejudices mainly consist of Nairobians being tricky. They steal, they lie and when you ask for directions, they take you to a dark place and rob you. Luckily none of this happened to me. Everything went fine. But with almost no money and no money-card, my friend hat to find a solution for our situation. We shared a bed, so we didn’t have to pay too much. Good decision. It was cold! The rain made our socks and shoes wet, so our feet were cold the whole time. Crazy, how different one country can be.

Nairobi is hectic, full, cold, most places are modern (compared to Mombasa) and there are only few hawkers. I still had some bananas from Chucka, they served as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Until we met a pastor I knew from the church in Moombasa. He was helping us a lot. The place where we stayed in for the second night was called “Christian Student Leadership Centre. Religion is overall. Whether it’s Islam or Christianity – everyone likes to express one’s believes. But everyone was friendly.

There was only one incident reminding me of the prejudices. Looking for a bus for me the next day, I caught someone trying to steal from me. I put my dirty and wet clothes on top in my bag. So even if he were successful, he wouldn’t have harmed me much by taking these things. Overall I can’t say that Nairobi is that dangerous. The people were friendly and assisted me and my friend as good as possible.

The only free “tourist” place to see was City Park, a park full of wild monkeys. With still one forgotten banana in my bag, they jumped on me and tried to steal from me. They are naughty. It was a fun experience to have before I left back to Mombasa. The journey was during the night. Not advisable. The streets are rough and the drivers don’t mind the speed bumps. Sleeping? Impossible.

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