Mid-Stay in Watamu

July 3, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

On 20th we volunteers went to Watamu, to have our Mid-Stay together with AFS. We stayed in the “Villas Watamu Resort” a nice place organized by an energetic Italian.

Unfortunately, the weather was cold. This time, I mean real cold. And it was raining. Our sessions were tight, so the weather was no issue. We had to reflect on our past 5 months and got to understand many things. We shared problems and played games. I realized that not everything is great with my host family. Also we have been told about a big problem considering the Work-Permit. The Kenyan Government is very slow in giving it to us.

In the end of the 3 days, we went to Gedi together, to see mysterious Swahili-Culture Ruins and some poisonous snakes. Very scary… The caretaker told us, he gets bitten every week.

The whole thing was a good break from the routine. It felt a little bit like a class-trip. I remembered old times with my classmates in Germany. I miss you!

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