July 3, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

To avoid staying home so much and because there is a country-wide teachers strike in Kenya, I had time to travel. I visited another volunteer in Taveta. During the journey, some Elephants blocked the street for a while. They are really huge! Taveta is near the Tanzanian border. I could see Mount Kilimanjaro. But not the snow – the top of the mountain was covered in clouds. It is cold over there. I needed blankets and long sleeves. The first time since I left Germany, I felt real cold. Still – compared to home, this weather wouldn’t be categorized as cold. It’s fascinating, how fast bodies adapt to new environment.

We could eat fresh fruits from the Shamba (Farm) and were constantly covered in red dust. The common public-transport are Piki-Pikis, or Bora-Boras (Motorcycles). They drive recklessly. After a ride, your clothes are red and not the original colour.

Taveta is a very small town. Many Somalis have settled here and the market is cheap, thanks to the Tanzanian border. I prefer places like this to Mombasa. I found time to relax without disturbing kids and had a scary religious experience there. The pastor was at home and together they shouted and screamed at the top of their voices. I was eating Ugali that moment and really didn’t know what to do. To leave the room, to close my eyes, to continue eating or not, to pretend to join them…? Religion can be very strong but I prefer the quiet way of following ones believes.

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