Masai Mara

September 19, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

Still being impressed by our first Safari, we went to the next Safari only a few days after Tsavo. Because we were eager to see the Wildebeest-Migration which takes place in Masai Mara every year. Thousands of animals crossing the river Mara, to get to fresh grass. The spectacle is, that many of them die while crossing and fall victim to the crocodiles and hippos waiting for them in the water.

It was an exhausting trip, since we took the night bus to and from Nairobi.

On our way to Masai Mara, we were able to see the Rift Valley. Sometimes I can´t believe I´m still in Kenya. The nature varies a lot.

We stayed in a small camp together with Masai people. They keep the camp running. Only three tents and we were the only visitors there. Except the Italian guy who built it. At night the Masai guarded the tents. One time I went out of the tent at night I got frightened because I almost didn’t see the Masai. They are good at disappearing in the surroundings.

We saw many animals during our visit. Large numbers of Buffalos and Wildebeest, Zebras, Cheetahs, Antelopes, Vultures, Ostriches, Crocodiles, Hyena, a Lioness, a Lion, Giraffes, a snake and very bad smelling Hippos.

Unfortunately, the Migration finished only a few days before we came. We had to be contempt with a small number of – approximately 100 – Animals crossing the river. And the Hippos and Crocodiles were satisfied. We found them relaxing in the water, not even turning their heads after the animals. Still, the ones who dared to cross were a big deal scared to do so. They went down to the water, then up again. Then only one animal went down, sniffed the water and got scared. We had to wait around 30 Minutes until they decided to cross.

The nature in the Mara is different to Tsavo. It was not so colorful and no mountains in the background. For that reason, the place really gave us the picture of an endless quiet place. Like eternity.

Together with the Tsavo-Experience, it was a week filled with wonderful impressions.

On our way back, we had to be towed off by a Lorry, since our driver forgot to fill the tank. We reached Nairobi at night. It was scary. I don’t wish for anyone to be in Nairobi at night. At least not as a Mzungu. It is creepy and can get very dangerous.

We were happy to reach Mombasa in the morning and to be able to look back to a successful safari.

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