What else to say for the month of August

September 19, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

It is quite obvious that the holiday season was going on in the northern hemisphere. I’ve never seen so many whites. Buses full of them! I don’t have anything against tourism. In fact it’s good to see other places. But at least they should try to dress decent. I felt ashamed to see them in hot-pants, mini-skirts, big sunglasses and with money-belts on. That is why the locals believe, that everyone with white skin is like that.

Together with a friend we went to a big market, known as Kongowea-Market. Everything is sold there. Mostly second hand clothes and shoes from Europe. It was hard for me to move freely. I got slapped in the face by a drunkard. Markets are something to be experienced but a lot of energy is needed to stand all those accusations against whites by some crazy people. I’m sorry to say this.

My first host-family invited me over sometimes. Of course, the kids still don’t understand why I left them. They were almost running over me, thanks to their over boarding happiness. I visit them every now and then. They even proposed I move back in. I feel honored but its better leaving it to visits.

The very last days of the month were troublesome for me. I had problems with the strong “Swahili-Indirectness”. The only subject in the house was me, since the ladies never leave the house and don’t have much to talk about. And when there was something I did what didn’t please them I was never told by them but by friends or my mentor. I really tried to avoid them to avoid making “mistakes”. And my host-mum made it clear to me, that she liked it when I slept over at someone else’s place.

I decided to really fight for that place in Wundanyi. I put all my energy in talking patiently with AFS-Staff. Most of the support comes from AFS Germany. The staff over here doesn’t seem much committed.

I went to draw with the clients in Reachout regularly and some “friendships” developed. Old Town is like a village within Mombasa and everyone knows everyone. Sometimes people look surprised when I talk to obvious drug-addicts like I would talk to a friend. They are normal people with the disease of their body not allowing them to quit. It is actually very sad.

One of my fellow volunteers got robbed again. That’s not exciting news anymore. Also to see Policemen enter a Matatu –get some money by the driver and then leave is normal. Corruption takes place every day and it’s not hidden.

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