September 19, 2013 - Mombasa, Kenya

I also started working in the kitchen of a restaurant. Like an internship. Every morning at 6:15 I had to be there.

The kitchen is huge and people are very busy. There is a fixed routine. Everyone knows when they have to prepare what. They use firewood. My clothes and hair smelled so bad after leaving the kitchen to go for work in Reachout. The staff is very kind and they included me as a part of them – after only one day.

Compared to the hygiene I’m used to, the standards are low in there but Hakuna Matata (Kiswahili for No Problem).

One day I watched how they killed some goats. It was awful. First a cut in the neck, then let the blood spill out. The next step is to cut the head and remove the skin. Yummie!

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