Reno to Beatty......

July 28, 2009 - Beatty, Nevada, United States


I left Reno a little later than my usual start time. I visited with my cousin Patti a bit and left Reno a little after 9 AM. I was headed just down the road to Gardnerville. Actually, it’s about 65 miles down the road. I figured I’d make a leisurely ride, fill the bike up before the afternoon ride and the just enjoy the town.

As I rode into the town of Minden (Minden and Gardnerville are almost one town. You can’t tell where one ends and the other begins unless you live there and I’d bet that half the locals couldn’t tell you.), and what do I see…..Dairy Queen! I pull in but they’re not open yet. I ride off in search of a gas station. After I fill up, I head back to the DQ for a small cone…..before lunch! Life’s short, eat dessert first!

I find J.T.’s with no problem and park out back. I notice a used book store and, since I’m a bit early for lunch, I head over to browse. I did buy a book of biography’s but it’s a little book because when you’re traveling by motorcycle, if you buy something, you’ve got to throw something away.

Wayne and Susan arrive promptly at 11:30 and we sit down to a great lunch, not to mention, some great conversation. They asked questions and I did all the talking! See how that works.

After lunch we said our goodbye’s, at least until October and they headed north and I headed south…..into the rain. Yes, rain….in Nevada. It hasn’t rain in this part of Nevada for 12 years but it rained on me today. It was one those rain storms that you can see in the distance with shafts of rain in small areas, like gray string hanging from the clouds. These relatively small rain squalls are the ones that I like when I’m riding because, as I ride toward them, I play a little game, hoping that the road will turn in my favor and let me squeeze between the showers and not get wet. Today, I was both lucky and unlucky. Several times I squeezed by as the road turned in my favor and on at least 3 occasions, the showers started and I had to stop and put on raingear. Once I stop for raingear and as I started riding again, the shower was over in less time than it took me to put the gear on. Once it stopped raining, I had to stop and take it off as it was too hot to ride all day in raingear.

I’m in Beatty, Nevada tonight. Tomorrow, I going to Ryolite to look at desert art. From there I’m going to Oatman. I have no idea how long that will take me because I just check the Dairy Queen website and there are a gazillion DQ’s in Vegas and Vegas is between here and Oatman……

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