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June 25, 2010


There’s one more thing that was originally planned for this trip, being in St. George, Utah to see the Tucson Toros baseball team take on the St. George Roadrunners.

Upon arriving in Laughlin, Nevada and checking into the Edgewater Hotel, I call the Slama family in St. George. They had originally been expecting us for Tuesdays ballgame. When I explain that we’re in Laughlin and that we didn’t want to race to St. George and then race home the next day, they agree to meet us at the ballpark on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

The drive from Laughlin to St. George, according to Mapquest, is 233 miles. We arrive early in the afternoon and I immediately call Tim Slama to let him know that we made it to town. I tell him where we’ll be sitting in the ballpark, even though I’ve never been there before, and that we’ll see them there.

Shortly before game time, the Slama family arrives at the park. Several members of the Harrison family arrive shortly. It seems that, way back in Idaho, Tim and Linda Slama and two daughters had been on vacation with Linda’s sister Marge and her two daughters.

These seven people were our rescuers way back when. We were really glad to see them again and, once again, express our thanks that they had been willing to go out of their way to help us. I think that they were glad to see that we were still alive!

The game……It seems that the Roadrunners aren’t exactly the best team in the Golden Baseball League, having lost seven straight games prior to the start of this three games series with the Toros. Unfortunately for the Toros, the Roadrunners broke out of their slump on Tuesday night by beating our team 15 - 6. On Wednesday, my Toros managed to turn things around and win the game by the score of 9 - 4. It was a good thing they won too. The way I was trash talking everybody, cheering at everything the Toros did, if they hadn’t won, I’m sure all the Roadrunner fans would have run me out of town on a rail.

As the Toros were sending the Roadrunners down to defeat, Tim, Linda and family called it an early night. We said our goodbyes, I thanked them again and they were gone.

Lani and I drove home on Thursday, but not before stopping at the local Dairy Queen!


All things considered, it was a great trip. Well, there was that problem with the raingear back in South Dakota, more than a few less than desirable motel rooms, a trike problem here and there, a freezing cold night of camping in New Meadows, Idaho but, other than that, it was a great trip.

With all the bad news that we’re bombarded with everyday, you’d think that there wasn’t anything good about this country anymore. I’m here to dispel that rumor. Way back in Las Cruces, which now seems like several years ago, we met Laura. She was the waitress who waited on us when we stopped there for breakfast. In south Texas, there was Roger who fixed our first electrical problem. In Jacksboro, we met L.A. Rager, who is at the top of the list of all the people we met on this trip. (Hey L.A., next May, before Jacksboro, we’re coming to Waco to see you. Maybe we can ride back to Jacksboro together……if I can get you to slow down a bit!)

In North Platte, Nebraska, we met Jerry, otherwise known as trike mechanic #2. In Livingston, Montana, there was Jenea’, the very nice DQ lady who gave me a free ice cream cone. And, of course, the Slama and Harrison families who did so much to help us out. Thanks again, guys.

And the list could go on and on. I only wish I’d taken more notes so I could name then all.

This summer’s trek around America is history. In all, we covered the best parts of eleven states, rode 6,551 miles and stopped in at 23 Dairy Queens! Not bad for a little summer jaunt.

I’m already planning next summer’s trip!

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