T-Minus 36 hours and counting......

May 21, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States


All the shakedown rides are over. Everything has been checked and rechecked, nine ways from Tuesday. All that remains to be done is to find an industrial sized shoehorn and try to get everything crammed into the trailer. I took the day off tomorrow (Friday) just so I can go over everything one more time and be able to take my time putting things into the trailer in some kind of proper order….first in - last out.

Earlier this month I built a table that fastens to the side of the trailer but it turns out to be much heavier than I intended so it’s getting left in the shed. On our camping trip of two weeks ago, we took two camp chairs. One chair is definitely going, the other one is a maybe.

The trailer has an ice chest on the tongue in front of the trailer body. We’re packing breakfast and lunch stuff so, along with our camping, we’re hoping we can cut some expenses. On last summers ride to Alaska, I bought all my meals and stayed every night in a motel. I had hoped to keep my expenses on that trip to $100 a day but when I tallied it up, my expenses for 40 days on the road were real close to $5,000 which puts the daily cost at $125 a day. Last years ride was a Honda Shadow 750. The trike has a VW 1600 that gets about ½ the gas mileage of the Honda. We’ve allocated the same total money for this trip but hope to cut as many corners as possible and have some money left over when we get home. There’s another Trike-In in Silver City, New Mexico at the end of June. If

there’s money left over from this trip, we go. No money, no go.

I’m hoping to post every day or, at least, everyday I can find the Internet. Hopefully, free Internet.

First stop, my Aunt Pat’s house in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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May 21, 2010
Oh how I could go. Be safe and have fun. If you go thru Hatch, stop at Sparky's for a Green Chili Cheese Burger and shake. They are the best!!!
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